Ready to hit the slopes this winter?

Before going skiing, you need to have the right equipment. That's why we've put together a list of the five best ski poles on the market. We'll help you choose the perfect pair for your needs and get you ready to hit the slopes this season!

Skiing can be a lot of fun, but it's even more enjoyable when you have the right gear. Keep reading to check out our list of the best ski poles and pick out a pair that fits your needs. You won't regret it!

Best Ski Poles

How We Choose the Best Ski Poles

With all of the different products on the market, it can be tough to determine which ones are worth your time and money. And with so many companies using paid reviews, it's hard to know which products you can trust.

We've done the research for you. Our team has read through thousands of user reviews to find the best-rated, most-trusted products that you can buy.

We only recommend products that have a lot of reviews as well as a lot of verified purchase reviews, so you can be sure that they are real and not fake.

Leki Detect S

Best Overall

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Why It’s On Our Best List

The Leki Detect S is the perfect ski pole for those who demand the very best. Super sturdy and lightweight, it is made of high-strength aluminum for years of trouble-free use.

Featuring the Trigger S ProG Grip and Frame Strap, it provides precise control and feel, while the soft rubber texture ensures comfort without bulk. Additionally, they come with two interchangeable baskets to provide versatility in any setting. This is the perfect ski pole!

For the discriminating skier who demands the very best, the Leki Detect S is the only choice.


The Leki Detect S is a reliable and durable set of poles that are perfect for any type of terrain. These poles come with two tool-less interchangeable baskets. The Cobra Basket for cruising groomed slopes and the Big Mountain Basket are great powder baskets to keep you from sinking in on epic powder days.

The Carbide tip provides precise pole placement and amazing grip on snow and ice. The Trigger S Grip System gives a responsive connection to the pole, while the included releasable Trigger S Frame Strap keeps the pole secure. This heat-treated aluminum pole is very durable and the Detect S weighs only 8.78 ounces 120 cm per pole.

Compatible with LEKI's Trigger S and Trigger 3D pole straps and gloves to elevate your equipment to the next level. This set is perfect for anyone looking for a great day on groomers or needing a great set of backcountry poles for the back bowls.

4.6/5, 37 ratings, 7 verified purchase reviews

Leki Helicon Lite Ski Touring

Best Adjustable Ski Pole

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Why It’s On Our Best List

The Leki Helicon Lite Ski Touring Pole is your perfect backcountry skiing partner. Its durable and light aluminum construction can take a beating, while the SpeedLock+ system provides easy adjustment and fantastic holding power.

These adjustable poles range from 110-145 cm, making them perfect for any terrain, and feature an extended foam grip that provides multiple grip locations when climbing or skiing steep terrain. The carbide tip penetrates even hard pack snow and ice, making this pole a must-have for backcountry skiers. If you're looking for an adjustable pole then the Helicon Lites are the best ski poles for you.


It has a very comfortable Evocon Soft, 8-degree positive grip with an adjustable security strap. The SpeedLock+ offers extremely fast adjustment of the pole length even while wearing gloves.

The pole features stable, robust, and very durable aluminum construction and the binding baskets feature a rigid edge to help adjust bindings on the fly and a long edge to remove ice from the top of your skis. The long carbide flextip provides precise pole use.

The Leki Helicon Lite is a top-of-the-line pole and a very worthy addition to your ski equipment.

4.8/5, 39 ratings, 4 verified purchase reviews

Rossignol FT-600 Cork XC

Best Value

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Why It’s On Our Best List

Looking for a lightweight, high-performance touring pole that won't break the bank? Look no further than the Rossignol FT-600 Cork XC!

Made from 100% aluminum, these poles are built to last and will help you perform at your best. Synthetic cork provides a comfortable and secure grip, while the race-inspired, adjustable wrist strap keeps your hand in place. The Rossignol FT-600 Cork XC Ski Poles are the most affordable pole on our list!


If you're looking for a new ski pole, you'll want to check out Rossignol's latest offering. These poles are made with thick aluminum, making them both light and sturdy. They also feature adjustable pole straps and 60 mm powder baskets with steel tips.

Rossignol is a reputable company that has been making innovative winter sports equipment since 1907. As such, you can be confident that these ski poles are of the highest quality. So whether you're hitting groomed trails or backcountry powder, Rossignol's ski poles will help you carve up the slopes.

4.7/5, 118 ratings, 13 verified purchase reviews

Zipline Ski - Lollipop

Best for All Skill Levels

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Why It’s On Our Best List

Looking for top-quality carbon ski poles to help you dominate the slopes this season? Look no further than Zipline Lollipop Ski Poles! These poles are designed and tested by former World Cup Freestyle skiers and coaches, so you can be confident that you're getting the best of the best.

Zipline uses the latest technology in graphite composites to create their products, which means that they're lightweight and durable. And because they're tested by World Cup Mogul skiers, you know they'll stand up to anything you throw at them.

So don't wait any longer, pick up a pair of Zipline Lollipop Poles today and enjoy your time on the mountain to the fullest!


Zipline Ski is a U.S. Ski Team official supplier that designs ski gear for skiers of all abilities. Their 14mm Lollipop poles are made with graphite carbon fiber composite technology, making them super light and durable while being more forgiving in flex.

The "Zip Touch" dual density grip contours to your hand and the easily adjustable Zip Straps provide a perfect fit on the fly. The Carbide Zip Tip with teeth provides the precise pole plants and secured grip needed for backcountry ski poles. If you are looking for carbon poles, whether you're a beginner or a pro, the Zipline Ski Lollipop ski pole is a great choice.

4.6/5, 265 ratings, 68 verified purchase reviews

Leki Rider

Best Poles for Kids

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Why It’s On Our Best List

So you have a little ripper on your hands, huh? You're probably looking for the perfect pair of poles to help them enjoy the slopes to the fullest. Look no further than the Leki Rider Ski Pole!

These poles are specifically designed for kids, with a compact grip and smaller, adjustable straps. Plus, they come in some cool and colorful designs that kids love. And of course, they're built tough to withstand any toddler tantrums. ;) Seriously though, with the Leki Rider your little one will be skiing with confidence and style in no time.


Built with a PAS grip and adjustable straps to fit small hands. These poles are constructed from Aluminum HTS to make them stable, robust, and durable. These poles also feature steel tips for precise pole planting and the added grip gives your kid more control over their skiing.

This aluminum pole is made in a variety of sizes from 80 to 110 cm. With a variety of sizes to choose from, there is a perfect fit for everyone. Durability and precision are what make this brand of poles stand out from the rest. You can be sure that your children will have many enjoyable days on the slopes ahead of them.

4.8/5, 81 ratings, 7 verified purchase reviews

Honorable Mentions

A few poles from great manufacturers that just missed making it on our list.

Zipline Ski - Blurr

Great Ski Poles

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Why It’s On Our List

Looking for top-of-the-line poles that can take your performance to the next level? Look no further than the Zipline Ski Blurr. These poles are designed for skiers of all abilities and are the choice of 2018 Olympic Gold Medalist David Wise.

With their high-quality construction and innovative design, the Blurr are perfect poles for anyone who wants to take their skiing to the next level. Whether you're an experienced skier looking for an edge on the slopes or a beginner who wants to start out with a top-quality ski pole, the Zipline Ski Blurr are a perfect choice.


The Blurr is made from high modulus carbon fiber graphite and features a pole shaft that tapers from 16mm at the handle to 14mm. This results in a stiffer pole with a lighter swing weight, making it ideal for downhill skiing.

The large powder basket keeps the pole from sinking into the snow, while the "Zip Touch" dual density grip provides added comfort and security. These poles are built with the limited edition Blurr Honeycomb with reinforced Kevlar lower section and available Blurr XT longer grip.

4.5/5, 229 ratings, 68 verified purchase reviews

LEKI Carbon 14 3D

Great Ski Pole

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Why It’s On Our List

When you're bombing down the slopes, the last thing you want to worry about is your equipment. That's why LEKI designed the Carbon 14 3D Ski Pole. Built for speed and agility, this carbon construction pole is made of lightweight yet extremely rigid 100% pure carbon, so you can focus on your run.

The new Trigger 3D SL grip provides comfort and security, while the Cobra basket ensures reliable performance. And with its low swing weight, the Carbon 14 3D is easy to maneuver.


The Carbon 14 3D is a super lightweight yet extremely rigid pole made of carbon construction. They are compatible with LEKI's Trigger S and Trigger 3D straps and gloves. It features the Trigger 3D Grip System with an innovative multi-directional release mechanism for safety and convenience, as well as a releasable Trigger 3D Frame Strap.

The 120cm shaft weighs just 16.6 ounces per pair and features a tool-less Cobra basket replacement system for quick and easy maintenance. The Carbon 14 3D also has a replaceable carbide flex tip for long-lasting durability.

4.6/5, 19 ratings, 6 verified purchase reviews

K2 Power Aluminum Ski Poles

Great Ski Pole

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Why It’s On Our List

Looking for a quality pair of poles for skiing that won't break the bank? Look no further than the K2 Power aluminum poles! These poles are made from a durable aluminum alloy and feature a robust 18mm-diameter shaft that can take plenty of abuse.

But don't let the tough construction fool you - these poles are still lightweight and easy to handle. And best of all, they're very affordable. So if you're looking for great value on a quality pair of poles, the K2 Power Aluminum Ski Poles are the perfect choice.


K2 Power aluminum performance poles are a great choice for serious skiers who want the best in durability and function. The K2 Power Grip provides a comfortable, secure grip even when your hands are sweaty or your gloves are wet. The 60mm performance basket is perfect for use in varied terrain, and the nesting baskets make it easy to store your poles when not in use. K2 Power poles are a top choice for serious skiers who demand the best in function and durability.

4.5/5, 53 ratings, 8 verified purchase reviews

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Best Ski Poles FAQs

best ski poles

You're considering getting a new pair of ski poles to help you on your next trip to the ski resort, but you have some questions.

Buying poles can be confusing because there are so many different options available. It's hard to know which ones are right for you.

We've compiled the most frequently asked questions about ski poles so that you can make an informed decision today.

What are the best downhill ski poles?

Downhill ski poles are designed to provide stability and balance when skiing. Some features to look for in a good set of downhill poles include length, weight, grip shape and size, and material (most are carbon fiber or aluminum).

What is a good price for ski poles?

It depends on the type of ski poles. If you are looking for a basic pair of poles, you can find them for around $10-$20. If you are looking for a nicer pair of carbon poles with more features, they can cost anywhere from $50-$200.

Do good ski poles make a difference?

Yes, good ski poles can make a difference. They provide more stability and balance when skiing, which can lead to a smoother ride and better performance. Ski poles also help to distribute the weight of the skier more evenly, which reduces fatigue.

And finally, ski poles provide support and propulsion when skiing downhill, allowing for faster speeds and longer distances. So if you're looking to improve your skiing skills, be sure to invest in a good set of aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, or bamboo poles. Ski poles matter!

Are lighter ski poles better?

The weight of ski poles is important, but it's not the only factor to consider. Other things to think about include the material of the pole (carbon fiber is generally lighter than an aluminum pole), the length of the pole, and how well they fit your hand. A good rule of thumb is to go with a light pole that fits your hand well and is made from a durable material like carbon fiber.

What makes a ski pole good?

There are a few factors to consider when choosing a pole. The first is the material. Ski poles are typically made from metal, fiberglass, or carbon fiber. Metal poles are the most durable but also the heaviest. Fiberglass poles are lightweight and moderately durable, while poles made from carbon fiber are both lightweight and very durable.

The next consideration is the size of the pole. Ski poles come in different lengths to accommodate different skiers' heights. Be sure to choose a pole that's the right length for you; if it's too long or too short, it won't be effective in helping you ski properly.

Finally, consider the grip of the pole. Some grips are more comfortable than others, and some offer more features (like straps or baskets). Choose a grip that feels comfortable in your hand and offers the features you need.

Are adjustable ski poles good for skiing?

Adjustable poles are a good option to find the right length for different situations. Many trekking poles are adjustable (telescoping poles), but they are not recommended for skiing.

What is the best ski pole for beginners?

The best pole for beginners is one that is lightweight and durable. Poles made from aluminum construction are a good option because they meet both of these criteria and they are typically the least expensive poles.

Additionally, it's important to choose a pole that is the right length for your height. Adjustable poles are a good option for beginners because they can be adjusted as you grow or if you need to use them in different situations.

What poles are best for advanced skiers?

The best pole for advanced skiers is one that is lightweight, durable, and has a comfortable grip. Carbon fiber poles are the best option because they meet all of these criteria, however, they can be expensive.

Are ski poles worth it?

Poles can be a great help when skiing, especially if you're just starting out. They give you more leverage and stability when skiing, which can make it easier to stay upright and control your speed.

They also help to distribute the force of your turns across more of your body, which reduces the risk of injury. And finally, ski poles can also be helpful for ascending slopes - they provide extra stability and power when pushing off with your feet.

So overall, yes, ski poles matter - especially if you're a beginner skier or if you want to reduce your risk of injury.

Are bamboo ski poles good?

They can be. Bamboo ski poles are good because they are lightweight and strong.

Bamboo is a very strong material, so bamboo poles will be much lighter than ski poles made of other materials. However, because bamboo is a natural material, the quality can vary from pole to pole. Make sure to shop around and find a supplier that has good quality control so you know you're getting a product that will last.

How tall should ski poles be?

Choosing the correct size ski poles is a must. Ski poles should be about shoulder height. This will give you the best balance and control over your skiing. If the poles are too tall or too short, it will be difficult to maintain your balance and control while skiing.

Why do skiers use poles on half pipe?

Skiers use poles on a half pipe in order to help them keep their balance while they are performing tricks. The poles also help them to stay upright and to control their speed as they go down the half pipe.

Why are ski poles curved?

Ski poles are curved because it provides more leverage and power when you're skiing.

The curve in the pole helps to create a "C" shape with your arm and hand, which provides more leverage as you push off with your skis. This added leverage gives you more power and control as you ski, making it easier to turn and brake.

best ski poles

Ski Pole Buyer’s Guide

What’s the big deal about picking a pair of ski poles? What do we use them for anyway? Leaning on when talking to our buddies, pushing ourselves forward on flat terrain, and occasional sword fights, right? Well, they are more important than that.

While they are not the most critical part of our gear, having a bad pair can ruin your day on the slopes. Thankfully, picking out a great pair of poles is not incredibly complicated.

There are three main factors to consider: length, weight, and intended use.


best ski poles

Having the wrong length of pole for your height or skiing style can cause you some problems. From sore shoulders at the end of the day to bad pole placement on a technical run ending up in a yard sale.

Most manufacturers have a chart suggesting pole length based solely on your height. These charts are a great starting point, but there are other factors to consider.

A lot of skiers are just out for a fun day cruising green or blue, groomed slopes. For this type of skiing, it is recommended that your elbows be bent at 90 degrees with the pole in your hand. The poles should be perpendicular to the ground and for the most accurate measurement you should have your boots on. Fixed-length poles are the best type of pole for these skiers.

Many other skiers are hitting double blacks, heading for backcountry skiing, or catching air at the terrain park and prefer slightly shorter poles. This helps when hiking back up for another run or keeping the poles out of the way doing tricks.

For these reasons a lot of skiers use adjustable poles, allowing them to change the length of their poles quickly depending on the circumstances. Be careful though, as adjustable ski poles are a little more fragile than fixed-length poles.


best ski poles

Most ski poles weigh in at an amount that is pretty close to each other, so typically it’s better to get the lightest pole you can afford.

Keep in mind the type of skier you are. If there’s a higher probability of some hard impacts then trading a little weight for more strength is a good plan. Weight really comes down to personal preference. While carbon fiber poles are lighter, aluminum poles can take more of a beating. With the added equipment adjustable poles will be the heaviest.

Anatomy of a Ski Pole

Shafts – weight and durability

Most ski pole shafts are made from aluminum construction, followed by carbon fiber, and then bamboo.

Thanks to a great blend of cost, weight, and high strength, aluminum alloy is the preferred material for most shafts. Aluminum poles tend to bend before breaking and can be repaired, in some cases. There is variety in the quality of aluminum poles so be sure to pick a manufacturer with a good reputation.

Carbon fiber is the lightest material and offers good strength. This makes it the choice of a lot of downhill skiers. It is the most expensive material used and, even though it has good durability, it is not meant for taking on tree bashing runs, as it can shatter after a hard impact.

Bamboo has been used to make ski poles for ages. Bamboo poles offer great strength, are lightweight, and are environmentally friendly to produce. The cost is near the top of the spectrum with carbon poles. Much like bamboo fly rods, bamboo poles have become popular again. They look cool, are lightweight and strong, and have a nostalgic quality about them.

Grips – control and comfort

Ski pole grips are made from injection molded rubber, plastic, or cork.

Grips should comfortably fit the size of your hand as this is the primary contact between your upper body and the snow. You should wear your ski glove when test fitting grips to get an accurate sense of the fit.

Straps – pole security

Isn’t it fun chasing your poles down the hill after a wipeout?

Most straps are made from nylon webbing with a permanent attachment to the top of the pole. Some straps have a spring-loaded release safety feature in case you get hung up in the trees.

Baskets – control

Baskets are plastic cages a few inches above the tip of the pole to prevent it from sinking into the snow. They are also extremely helpful for scraping snow and ice off of your bindings and skis.

Baskets come in two different styles depending on their intended use. There are standard baskets and powder baskets. Standard baskets are best used on groomed or hard-pack runs and are less bulky.

Powder baskets are wider to spread out your weight for use in deep snow runs, kind of like snow shoes. Some of the best poles come with a set of each and are made to be interchangeable.

Tips – control

What you are punching holes in the snow with. Tips are made from steel or carbide and they can be smooth or be shaped with teeth.

Your choice here again boils down to the type of skiing you are planning on doing. Smooth tips are better for groomed runs or downhill runs when speed counts. Shaped tips are better when you need some grip at the end of your poles and can really help when making an accurate pole plant in the backcountry.

The Best Ski Poles For You

So, what are the best ski poles to buy? We took all of that information and put it into one place for you. Click the button to check the price of the best poles for your needs! We hope you found this article helpful. If not, please let us know in the comments below – we are always looking to improve our content so that we can better serve our readers. Thanks for reading! Now go carve some trails!

We're committed to providing independent and objective gear reviews to help make your purchasing decisions easier. To help fund our mission, this story may contain affiliate links, that when you click on them may unlock a commission for us - without costing you anything extra. Prices are accurate and the item is in stock for every product reviewed, at the time of publication. Thanks for being part of our journey!
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