Crayola Globbles toys are the perfect solution for adults and kids alike who need a bit of distraction or a unique way to relieve stress. By providing a soft and squishy surface, these toys make them easier to grip and throw around without worrying about breakage or leaving any residue behind.

They come in vibrant colors, making them a great interactive and fun toy for adults or kids to play with. In this review, we'll discuss the features of Crayola Globbles toys, how they can benefit both adults and children alike, and why you should purchase one today!


Product Specs

Crayola Globbles are made from a squishy, soft, and super sticky material. They're easily removable from whatever you stick them to and they don't leave any residue behind. Stick, stack, squish, sling, or squeeze for an endless variety of activities. Plus, thanks to their washable material, these fidget toys can easily be cleaned with soap and water and regain the stickiness they had when you took them out of the box.

The vibrant colors of Crayola Globbles make them a great addition to any playroom or office desk. They come in packs of 3, 6, or 18 so you can choose the right amount for your needs. Additionally, they're lightweight and portable, which means you can take them with and have so much fun you wherever you go!

Product Quality

Crayola is known for producing high-quality toys and art supplies for children and families. Their Globbles toys are no exception. These squishy stress relievers are made of a durable yet soft material that maintains its shape even after repeated squeezing and stretching. The material is latex-free, phthalate-free, and washable, making it a safe choice for kids and those with sensitive skin.

The vibrant and bold colors of Globbles do not fade, even after washing. They retain their stickiness and do not leave behind any residue, unlike cheaper alternatives. Each fidget toy is roughly palm-sized, with a unique shape that is pleasing to squeeze and mold in your hands. The lightweight yet dense material has the perfect amount of give for relieving stress and anxiety. Overall, the Crayola Globbles Fidget toy is a premium product that provides durable stress relief and entertainment.



Crayola Globbles are lightweight, compact, and portable. You can easily stick them in your bag or pocket and take them wherever you go. Whether you're at the office, in the car, or out and about, these fidget toys are the perfect portable stress relief.

Easy to Clean

Thanks to their washable material, Globbles are easy to clean. Simply wash them with soap and water and let them air dry to regain their stickiness. This makes them a more hygienic choice than alternatives that cannot be cleaned.

Interactive and Fun

Globbles are not only great sensory toys for stress relief, but they're also interactive and fun to play with. Their unique shapes and vibrant colors inspire creativity and they make great tradeable toys for kids to play with their friends. You can stick them together, sling them around, or create sculptures. This makes them entertaining for both kids and adults.

Safe and Durable

Crayola Globbles are made from safe, durable materials that maintain their shape even after repeated use. They are latex-free, phthalate-free, and do not contain any harmful chemicals. This ensures they are a safe choice for children and those with sensitive skin. The high-quality design also means they will last a long time.


Despite their premium quality, Globbles are affordably priced. They are a budget-friendly solution for stress relief and entertainment that provides great value for the price. Globbles are fantastic gift ideas and make great easter basket stuffers or Christmas stocking stuffers!


While Crayola Globbles toys have many benefits, there are some potential downsides to consider:

Limited lifespan

Although the material is durable, frequent and repeated use/squeezing can cause the fidget toys to lose their shape or stickiness over time. The washable material may degrade faster than non-washable alternatives. With regular use, you may need to replace Crayola Globbles every few months to maintain performance.

Can be too sticky

Out of the box or freshly cleaned, Globbles are very sticky and remain sticky for quite a while. If you prefer less stick, you can roll the ball on nearby material like a washcloth or a rag. Don't worry, they won't leave a sticky residue on your clothes or walls.


For adults, Globbles are designed primarily for squeezing and stress relief. While they can inspire some creative play, they are limited in the variety of activities they enable compared to other fidget toys like cubes or spinners which have more components and applications. If you're looking for a very versatile fidget toy, Crayola Globbles may not be the best choice.

Despite these potential downsides, Crayola Globbles toys remain an affordable and effective solution for stress relief and interactive fun. As long as you are aware of the potential limitations, they can be a great choice for both kids and adults.


Crayola Globbles are affordably priced and available on Amazon with Prime shipping. You can get a pack of 3 fidget toys for around $5, a pack of 6 for $10, or a variety pack of 18 toys for $25. The variety pack includes all 6 vibrant colors (red, blue, green, yellow, purple, and orange) so you have options to choose from.

Given the premium yet budget-friendly materials and the fun and interactive nature of these fidget toys, the pricing is very reasonable. You can find these portable fidget toys wherever Crayola products are carried. The fact that you can get free 2-day shipping with an Amazon Prime membership makes these stress relievers even more appealing.


When looking for stress relief and fun interactive play, there are many different fidget toys to choose from. Compared to some of its top competitors, Crayola Globbles stand out in a few key ways.

Sensory Putty is one of the most popular alternatives to Globbles. This putty has a very similar texture and is also squishy and malleable in your hands. However, unlike Crayola Globbles, Sensory Putty does not have any stickiness and can be more difficult to grip or throw around. It also tends to dry out quickly and needs to be replaced more often than the washable Crayola Globbles Fidget toys.

Fidget Cubes and Spinners are also great alternatives to the Crayola Globbles Fidget toys. These cubes and spinners have multiple buttons, switches, and components which enable more variety of activities compared to the single-purpose design of Crayola Globbles. They are also less eye-catching and more discreet in their design. However, Fidget Cubes and Spinners tend to be made of plastic rather than washable materials like Crayola Globbles, making them more difficult to clean or maintain.

Finally, Stress Balls are a common alternative for stress relief. Unlike Crayola Globbles, Stress Balls are typically made from rubber and cannot be washed or reused. They offer a similar texture but lack the vibrant colors and creative play opportunities that Crayola Globbles provide. Furthermore, Stress Balls tend to lose their shape over time due to repeated squeezing which requires frequent replacements.

Customer Experiences

Customers who have tried Crayola Globbles are thrilled with their purchases. Many users have shared that they love the vibrant colors and unique shapes of these fidget toys, calling them both eye-catching and interactive. They appreciate the fact that these toys can be reused and washed, providing a more hygienic solution than some of its competitors.

Many parents have shared that their children love playing with Globbles and that they are the perfect way to keep them entertained while on the go. The lightweight design and portability make it easy to take these toys anywhere, keeping kids busy for hours of fun and entertainment.

Adults have also found Globbles to be helpful in relieving stress and anxiety. They appreciate the soft yet durable material and the fact that they can easily be washed. The vibrant colors make them a great addition to any office desk or workstation, helping to provide a calming distraction during stressful days.

Overall, users are very pleased with Crayola Globbles toys and would recommend them to others. Customers love the vibrant colors, durable materials, and interactive fun these toys provide. They are also an affordable solution for stress relief and entertainment that can be reused over time.

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What are Crayola Globbles?

Crayola Globbles are squishy, soft, and super sticky balls that come in vibrant colors. They are perfect for relieving stress, trading with friends, or just having a good time. The washable material makes them easy to clean and these sticky squeeze toys never leave residue behind.

How many pieces come in a pack of Crayola Globbles toys?

A pack of Crayola Globbles can contain 3, 6, or 18 pieces depending on how much you need. They come in vibrant colors and each fidget toy is roughly palm-sized with a unique shape that is great for squeezing and molding in your hands.

Are these toys safe for children?

Yes! These fiddle toys are made from safe materials that do not contain latex or phthalates which makes them suitable for kids and those with sensitive skin. Additionally, these washable fidget toys ensure they remain hygienic even when used regularly.

Do these toys have any limitations?

While Crayola Globbles are a great solution for stress relief and interactive fun, there are some potential downsides to consider. These toys may lose their shape or stickiness over time with regular use, so you may need to replace them every few months. Additionally, they are only designed for squeezing and do not have as many applications as other fidget toys like cubes or spinners.



Crayola Globbles squish toys are a great choice for both kids and adults who need stress relief or an interactive toy. They come in vibrant colors, maintain their shape even after repeated use, and can be washed with soap and water to ensure hygiene without losing any stickiness.

The lightweight yet durable design makes them portable enough to take wherever you go while providing hours of entertainment. Plus, they’re very affordable compared to other fidget toys on the market today! So if you're looking for a budget-friendly solution for stress relief that will last long term, Crayola Globbles might just be what you need.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to reduce stress, Crayola Globbles might just be the perfect solution. With their vibrant colors, durable material, and washable design, these stress relievers are sure to last a long time. The unique shape and texture make them great for squeezing and molding in your hands for endless fun and entertainment. Get your pack of Crayola Globbles now - click one of the buttons below!

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