Globbles are becoming increasingly popular, particularly among children and office workers. They're a unique type of squish toy produced by Crayola, available in a variety of vibrant colors, and they offer an engaging tactile experience. But have you ever wondered what's inside these intriguing toys? Let's delve into the science behind the mysterious white substance found within Globbles.


What are Globbles?

Before we dissect the inner workings of these toys, let's first understand what Globbles are. Globbles are small squishy balls that can stick, stack, squish, and sling, providing endless fun and stress relief. They're often used as fidget toys or stress balls, and despite their sticky nature, they never leave a residue behind.


The White Substance Inside Globbles

Now, let's turn our attention to the white substance inside these toys. The white substance you find inside a Globble is a non-toxic gel-like material. This material is designed to be squishy, stretchy, and sticky, contributing to the overall tactile experience of playing with a Globble.


Physical Properties

The modeling compound inside Globbles is an exceptional substance that plays a significant role in the toy's functionality. This compound is similar to the ones used in other squishy and stretchy toys. It is primarily a type of elastomer, a polymer with the unique property of viscoelasticity; that is, it exhibits both viscosity and elasticity.

This attribute allows the Globbles to be squished and stretched repeatedly while maintaining their shape. The compound, in its nature, is non-toxic and safe, ensuring that the play experience remains enjoyable and worry-free for both children and adults. Its consistency and behavior under stress contribute immensely to the distinctive tactile sensation that Globbles provide, promoting a sense of calm and relief from stress.


Chemical Composition

The specific chemical composition of the white substance found inside Globbles remains proprietary information to Crayola. However, we can surmise that it contains a blend of polymers, likely silicone-based, to achieve its unique squishy and stretchy properties. Silicone polymers are often used in similar toys due to their safety, durability, and elasticity.

The substance may also include plasticizing agents to enhance flexibility and reduce brittleness. Despite the exact formula being a trade secret, Crayola assures the safety of the product, adhering to strict standards to ensure non-toxicity and harmlessness for users.


The behavior of the white substance inside a Globble is fascinating. Despite being stretched and squished, it maintains its shape and stickiness. This is due to the unique properties of the polymers it's made from. These polymers can slide past each other when force is applied (like when a Globble is squished), but they'll return to their original position once the force is removed.


Potential Applications

The potential applications of the white substance found inside Globbles extend beyond the realm of children's toys. Its unique viscoelastic properties could be employed in a variety of industries. For instance, in the healthcare sector, similar materials are used in stress relief aids and physiotherapy equipment. In the automobile industry, these substances can be used in car suspensions due to their excellent shock-absorbing properties. Furthermore, because of its non-toxic and safe nature, it may find applications in food-grade products such as sealants and packaging materials. The potential uses for this intriguing substance are vast, opening up exciting prospects for future innovation and exploration.


Key Takeaways

The white substance found inside Globbles is a testament to the wonders of polymer science. It's a non-toxic, gel-like material with unique physical and chemical properties that allow Globbles to provide a satisfying tactile experience. Whether you're using them as a stress-relief tool or just for fun, you're also experiencing a bit of science in action.

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